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    Senior Minister of State for Health Janil Puthucheary said that around 1,500 healthcare workers resigned in the first half of this year, compared with 2,000 annually pre-pandemic (More healthcare workers quit amid growing fatigue, Nov 2).

    What needs to be acknowledged is how the long working hours and fatigue have caused these workers to lose their desire to work in healthcare.

    It is essential that healthcare workers step up and do their part during this pandemic, but we are also not seeing the bigger picture of what these healthcare workers are facing in terms of mental and physical well-being.

    While many people have been asking the authorities to do more for these healthcare workers, what some people don’t realise is that they themselves may be contributing to the problem.

    From being impatient in waiting for their medication, to ignoring a healthcare worker’s advice, members of the public are making it tougher for healthcare workers to cope with stress.

    Healthcare workers also encountered more physical or verbal abuse last year.

    All I am asking is for members of the public to be better, kinder and more empathetic. A longer wait will not cost you anything, and speaking nicely will not make you lose out.

    We need to be more empathetic in this time of crisis. Everyone is struggling with his own problems, but I believe that the pressure on healthcare facilities is causing our healthcare workers to face a greater burden.

    Simple acts like saying “thank you” and waiting patiently are the first steps for us to be a more gracious society. Let us be kinder and better.

    Show our healthcare workers that we care.

    Charmain Ng Yu Ting, 20

    Year 2 university student


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