The Morning After: Ford electrified a classic truck to show off its EV motor kit


    Both small bespoke auto customization businesses and major car manufacturers, like Chevy, are pulling out the old and putting in the new when it comes to vintage car engines. Now Ford is making a similar statement with its F-100 Eluminator concept.

    It’s an upgraded 1978 pickup truck with two of the company’s new Eluminator electric crate motor kits. The power plants are the same as the Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition, giving the F-100 a total 480HP and 634lb/ft of torque. Ford didn’t discuss performance benchmarks or range — it’s likely the car body is heavier due to the era it comes from. And yes, it’s a concept.

    Ford is hoping, however, that you’d buy the $3,900 Eluminator motor for your project car. The automaker eventually hopes to supply everything you might need for an EV retrofit, including batteries. For now, however, just the engine is available, making it a high-level project that is probably beyond the abilities of most of us.

    — Mat Smith

    The system starts at $250.

    The Morning After


    It combines an Eero WiFi 6 with a home security system. As with most of its security devices, you can buy the system as part of several bundles. That said, if you want the router on its own, it’s $250. Another option is to buy it as part of a $300 eight-piece kit that comes with a keypad and multiple sensors.

    Keep in mind, you’ll need a Ring Protect subscription to take advantage of many of its features. That adds cloud video storage and 24/7 backup internet for your security devices (via an LTE module in the Ring Pro base station). There’s also Eero’s cybersecurity subscription thrown in for fair measure, too.

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    Have some screen-free fun with your family this year.

    The Morning After


    On the lookout for analog gifts? Board games are a great gift for anyone who wants to spend time with friends and family without the need for pixels. But keep the divorce-bating Monopoly in the cupboard, we have some new titles to try.

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    Watch the teaser for the limited series launching December 16th.

    HBO Max has released the first teaser video for its adaptation of Emily St. John Mandel’s post-apocalyptic novel, Station Eleven. In the short video, you’ll get glimpses of most of the main characters of the story as they face a pandemic that ravaged most of the planet. Ulp, relevant.

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    It’s the game’s last free major content update.

    The Morning After


    Nintendo has released its last free major content update for over a day earlier than planned. The update is now live to download to your Switch. Version 2.0 adds several characters from old Animal Crossing titles.

    One of those characters is Brewster, the quiet pigeon proprietor who’ll open up the Roost Café at the museum after you do a certain favor for museum director Blathers. Kapp’n, the singing sailor kappa, is also back and will take you to remote islands on his boat. Only once a day, however. If you’re waiting on that paid DLC, Happy Home Paradise is still scheduled to come out tomorrow.

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