Taiwan Won’t Capitulate to China


    The Taiwan Strait is attracting a great deal of global attention, mainly because the international community is alarmed by the rise of China. China’s People’s Liberation Army is constantly expanding its ability to project force in the Indo-Pacific region, and its activities in the East and South China seas have unsettled many. China has harassed Taiwan through “gray zone” activities around the Taiwan Strait.

    I am a defender of the Republic of China—also known as Taiwan—and a seasoned soldier in the resistance against PLA military threats. I was a director of division command staff during the 1996 Taiwan Strait missile crisis. But the current situation is the most challenging since I joined the army four decades ago. China has never given up its ambition to annex Taiwan. Preparing to counter all possible military actions by China has become a daily practice of the Republic of China Armed Forces. I can say proudly that our armed forces have never failed to protect the country. We serve our country with the highest loyalty, defending freedom and democracy so that the people of Taiwan can maintain their way of life and political system.


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