NFT Artist Beeple to Auction a Real-Life Sculpture for About $15 Million at Christie’s


    The artist known as Beeple launched the art world’s craze for nonfungible tokens by selling one of his digital collages at Christie’s for $69 million this spring. Now Beeple has something even more surprising for sale—a real-life sculpture.

    Christie’s said it plans on Nov. 9 to auction the first physical work of art by Beeple, whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, for an estimated $15 million. The sculpture, called “HUMAN ONE,”  is a 7-foot-tall, white mahogany column covered in LED screens that depicts a life-size astronaut dressed in a mirrored helmet and silvery suit. The monolith-like pillar is designed to slowly rotate so that viewers standing before it will see the figure appear to stroll through sci-fi landscapes. The artist plans to alter these backdrops several times a day and update them during his career. It also comes with a corresponding NFT.


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