Never hand your iPhone to someone without doing this trick first


    If you worry about letting other people use your iPhone in case they look through your photos, then you may want to try this trick.

    A woman has explained in a viral TikTok video how to change your iPhone settings so only one picture is visible in your Photos app.

    TikToker Katarina Mogus walks you through the hack in her video.

    While having her iPhone open on the Settings menu, she says: “In Accessibility Settings, we’re going to turn on Guided Access and enable your passcode.

    “Now when you hand someone your phone, just triple tap the lock button and click on Guided Access.

    “Put your settings to the same as mine so they’ll only be able to see that one photo.”

    Mogus’ screen reveals that she turns toggles next to the words Motion and Keyboards on but everything else is off.

    When you hand someone your phone so they can look at something, you need to remember to triple-click the right-hand lock button.

    Then enter your passcode and the person won’t be able to flick through your photos and will be stuck on one.

    TikToker Katarina Mogus demonstrates a viral trick that could stop friends from snooping in your Photos app.
    Courtesy of @katamogz

    You can also use Guided Access for other apps, which is useful if you give your phone to a child to play games.

    To turn off Guided Access, triple click the lock button again and then enter your passcode.

    Apple explains: “Guided Access keeps the iPhone in a single app and allows you to control which features are avaliable.

    A woman's hand holding an iPhone, with the thumb gesturing at the screen.
    Mogus demonstrates the specific settings that will stop people from prying into your phone.
    Courtesy of @katamogz

    “To start Guided Access, triple-click the side button in the app you want to use.”

    The TikTok video has been liked almost half a million times so far.

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