Nevada Is Moving to Vote Before Iowa in 2024. Harry Reid Makes the Case.


Well, you have to have perhaps in the West, you have to exclude California because so many voters there, but you would have Idaho, Utah, New Mexico. So that would be one region suggested and that would be the idea of what we do around the rest of the country with regional primaries. I think you could get some traction here.

Biden didn’t win Nevada in the Democratic nominating primaries when it was the third state to vote. Would it have made a difference for him if Nevada had voted first?

What saved Joe is in Nevada he came in second. Had he not come in second in Nevada, going into South Carolina in the next few days wouldn’t have been great for him. But his having come in second showed viability, and as a result of Clyburn’s endorsement of him in South Carolina, that propelled him into this nomination for president.

Can you explain a little bit some differences between Nevada voters and Iowa and New Hampshire voters beyond racial diversity?

Racial diversity, of course, is one thing. Union membership is another thing we have in Nevada. Number three, the population center of America is moving west. It used to be that a majority of people in America were east of the Mississippi River. Now it’s just the opposite. So I think it’s important that people understand that the West is now heavily populated and is taking over being the center of our country.

The unions are so strong in Nevada politics. Will that warp a first in the nation primary because candidates will be so focused on union endorsements, giving unions more influence there?

I think union political activity is only part of what goes on in the state of Nevada or in any other state. We have union membership, which is important, but you also have the same in other states. Arizona has strong union membership and surprisingly, even a state like Utah, the Salt Lake area is heavily unionized.


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