Mississippi Congressman Faces Allegations of Misusing Campaign Funds


They identified other home improvement charges they said may have been connected to the house, but Mr. Palazzo’s campaign committee either did not have or did not provide records of the expenses, they said. Between April 2018 and July 2019, Mr. Palazzo’s campaign committee reported about $1,500 spent at various Lowe’s home improvement stores.

“The wide array of campaign-funded improvements to the home appear to have been directly related to the sale of the property rather than any true campaign purpose,” investigators wrote.

Eventually, Mr. Palazzo sold the property in September 2019 for $485,000, the report stated.

Investigators also questioned the role of the congressman’s brother, Kyle Palazzo, in the campaign, stating that his work “may not have justified the salary he received.” He was paid more than $23,000 in the last campaign cycle, according to the report.

One staff member told congressional investigators that Kyle Palazzo “didn’t have a place to live” and “was staying at the River [H]ouse,” the report said.

“The potential use of the River House as a residence, combined with a lack of evidence that the River House was an actual campaign headquarters, is in direct contrast with claims that the River House was a bona fide campaign headquarters,” investigators wrote.

The investigators also said that it appeared that the congressman had used official resources to try to get the secretary of the Navy to intervene personally to upgrade Kyle Palazzo’s military status so he would be eligible to re-enlist.


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