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    The authorities have invested a lot of money to promote cycling in an attempt to make Singapore a car-lite nation. I ask that some key performance indicators for this project be shared regularly.

    This will give us an indication of whether the increase in the number of cyclists is due to recreation reasons or part of the greater objective of being a car-lite nation.

    Some have commented that cycling in Singapore can only be for recreation and exercise, given our hot and humid weather.

    While cycling for recreation is good for personal health and can benefit a country in the long term, there should also be a shift in attitude towards cycling.

    Cycling should be embraced as a substitution for other modes of transport with a larger carbon footprint and which also put more strain on infrastructure such as carparks.

    But the switch to cycling can happen faster if more people buy into the concept. For now, obstacles remain.

    It is not practical, for example, to cycle to work if employers and companies do not provide lockers and showering facilities.

    Are people also prepared to wake up earlier to commute?

    If the progress towards a car-lite nation is not happening at a pace in tandem with the allocation of resources, then it is time to relook Singapore’s polices rather than build another cycling path.

    Tan Li Fong


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