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    We refer to the Forum letter “Access to digital IC and personal data is too easy” (Nov 9) and thank Dr Tan Yia Swam for her feedback.

    When we designed the digital IC in the Singpass app, our priorities were to ensure data privacy and security, as well as improve usability.

    To improve usability, the digital IC may now be seen on the app home screen. But to safeguard users’ privacy, full details are masked, and can be viewed only after fingerprint, face or passcode authentication.

    In accordance with government data protection and Personal Data Protection Act guidelines, this prevents unauthorised access to important information.

    The Singpass app also has a built-in feature to be automatically disabled if it detects the presence of malicious apps or altered settings that may compromise the security of the device used to access it.

    More importantly, we urge users to safeguard their phones and other devices used to access Singpass. Users can enable passcodes to unlock their devices.

    If a device is misplaced or suspected to be compromised, users can also deactivate the Singpass app remotely via the Singpass website.

    We will continue to improve the features of the digital IC for usability and privacy protection.

    Feedback from users like Dr Tan is important, and will be considered as we work to improve the Singpass app.

    Tan Chee Hau

    Director, Planning and Prioritisation

    Smart Nation and Digital Government Office

    Prime Minister’s Office


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