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    It is good that the National Wages Council recently recommended a pay increase for low-income workers (Offer pay hike of $70 to $90 for lower-wage workers: NWC, Oct 30).

    What about low-income pensioners? Many pensioners, mostly belonging to the Pioneer Generation, worked at government departments for many years until retirement. The monthly pension for some of them is less than $1,000 a month.

    Pensioners can hope only for an increment in the Singapore Allowance as there is no pension increment. In Budget 2019, the Government raised it by $20 to $320.

    But for the past few years, the Public Service Division’s Pension Branch has stopped giving increments to the Singapore Allowance for low-income pensioners.

    As a low-income pensioner, I sincerely hope the Public Service Division won’t forget people like me. Some of us may not get support from children.

    Even a small increment would certainly help with the rising cost of living and consumables. And it would serve as a token of appreciation for the pensioners’ past hard work and contributions to the nation.

    Tan Kwong Moh


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