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    We are heartened by Forum contributor Tan Wen Xin’s suggestions to educate fellow young Singaporeans about the environment and sustainable living (Use nature as a platform to teach the young, Nov 1).

    We agree it is important for our students to learn to appreciate and care for the environment, and make sustainable living a way of life.

    In school, students learn about the environment through a range of subjects taught across different levels, such as science, geography and social studies. Primary school pupils are taught the importance of using resources wisely, while secondary school students learn about the environmental impact of human activity, and how they can take active steps to secure a sustainable future. At the pre-university level, students continue to learn about how our way of life influences climate change, and the need for constructive action to mitigate its effects.

    Nature features prominently as part of students’ applied learning in schools where teachers guide students to understand issues better, and they can also come up with potential solutions for real world challenges. For instance, geography students visit nature reserves to understand environmental conservation, while biology students participate in biodiversity surveys.

    Beyond academic subjects, lessons in Character and Citizenship Education inculcate the values of care, respect and responsibility for the environment. Through experiences such as co-curricular activities and values-in-action, students enjoy opportunities to partner the community and build a green future. For example, they can share their knowledge about the effects of litter on marine animals, and play their part to clean up our waterways.

    To boost our efforts, we introduced the Eco Stewardship Programme across all primary to pre-university schools this year as part of the Singapore Green Plan 2030. The programme strengthens and connects the four areas of curriculum, campus, culture and community, so that our students learn in more authentic ways and build good daily habits in sustainable living.

    Our institutes of higher learning have also been strong supporters of environmental sustainability. They are training budding environmental specialists, promoting greener campus living and contributing to sustainability-related research.

    These collective efforts aim to empower the next generation of Singaporeans to take charge and be responsible stewards of the environment they will inherit. Working together with families and the community, we can make our future better, brighter and greener.

    Beatrice Chong

    Divisional Director

    Curriculum Planning and Development Division 2

    Ministry of Education


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