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    Increasingly, suspects seem to have no regard for police officers making an arrest (Teens hauled to court after cops injured while trying to stop stolen car, Nov 2).

    I think the Singapore Police Force should review its arrest protocol. The moment a police officer has been injured, officers must be authorised to use lethal force.

    Of course, the police officer could still exercise discretion and choose to use a baton or taser instead of his pistol.

    Authorising the use of lethal force would protect not only police officers, but also members of the public.

    For example, if a person was willing to disregard the police and speed off, would he be likely to stop the car if he sees an elderly person crossing the road?

    Suspects who are aware that lethal force is authorised should they injure a police officer would certainly become more cooperative during arrests.

    We must do more to protect our front-line officers.

    Matthew Chua


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