Family of ‘other woman’ in Dulos case says she’s innocent


The family of Michelle Traconis — the notorious “other woman” in the disappearance of missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos — insists in a new interview that she is innocent and has no idea what happened to the still-missing New Canaan woman.

“This has shattered our life because my sister is not the person that they’re saying,” Traconis’ sister Claudia tells 48 Hours in an upcoming exclusive interview.

“She would never be capable of anything they’ve said that she has done,” the sister says in the 48 Hours special, “What Does The Other Woman Know? The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos,” to air Saturday.

Michelle Traconis was secretly dating Dulos’s husband and suspected murderer, Fotis Dulos, when she vanished after dropping the couple’s five kids off at school in May of 2019.

Traconis’s two sisters, Claudia and Daniela, and their father, Carlos, all spoke with 48 Hours for the special, and joined in defending her innocence, making their first public statements on the case.

Jennifer Farber Dulos who was last seen May 24, 2019.
Jennifer Farber Dulos who was last seen May 24, 2019.

The special also includes new excerpts from the police interrogation of Michelle, who has been charged with evidence tampering, hindering prosecution and conspiracy to commit murder.

“I have no idea what happened to Jennifer,” Michelle told cops, according to CBS, which is airing the special.

“I have no idea where Jennifer is,” she said, telling Det. John Kimball, “I can walk the whole world with you if you want . . . I can do whatever you want but I didn’t do it.”

She has previously and publically insisted “I know nothing,” despite the evidence against her, which investigators say includes surveillance video of her and her then boyfriend visiting a series of dumpsters to throw out items stained with Jennifer Dulos’ blood.

Fotis, a builder of luxury homes, claimed Michelle was innocent in a suicide note he left behind a year ago, after he killed himself with exhaust fumes in his garage at age 52, while out on bail on charges he’d kidnapped and murdered his wife.

The Duloses had been in the midst of a bitter divorce and custody battle when she disappeared. Since then, their children, who were ages 8 through 13 when they last saw her, are being raised by their maternal grandmother.


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