Dozens die as strong Indonesia earthquake topples building and homes

A strong earthquake shook Sulawesi Island in Indonesia late Friday night, topping building and homes, triggering landslides and killing at least 42 people.

Over 600 people suffered injuries during the quake magnitude of 6.2, which sent the citizens fleeing their houses in the night’s darkness. The authorities were still gathering details about the casualties and damage in affected regions.

There were a few reports of people trapped under the rubble of the destructed buildings and homes.

A video footage by National Disaster Mitigation Agency showed how one girl was stuck in a wreckage of her house cried loud for help as well as said that she also heard voices of her family members trapped.

The rescuers informed that they required an excavator for saving the girl as well as others who were trapped in the collapsed buildings. The other pictures revealed flattened and damaged houses and one severed bridge.

The quake damaged portions of one hospital and the patients were shifted to the emergency tent built outside. The rescuers struggled for extracting 7 patients as well as staff who remained trapped in the rubble. After many hours, one excavator arrived for helping and rescuers were able to retrieve 4 survivors as well as 3 bodies.