‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant runs off stage after feeling sick


    Despite being sick, gymnast Suni Lee put on a brave performance during Monday’s . The Olympic gold medalist danced a paso doble with her partner but immediately ran off the stage as soon as the routine was over.

    “Suni is not feeling so good,” host Tyra Banks announced. “Not covid! Not covid at all! But she’s not feeling well so she danced sick and she had to leave. But she’s okay!”

    Earlier in the day, Lee tweeted that she was “not feeling my best.” Banks explained the illness as a “tummy ache.” The judges appreciated her willingness to perform despite being sick and rewarded her with scores of three eights and a nine.

    “Oh, you did so well, honey,” judge Bruno Tonioli said. “In spite of not feeling well, you rocked that paso doble. I don’t know where you are. Sharp! It was fantastic!”

    Lee returned later in the competition for the relay dances. Fans were impressed that she was able to come. However, many fans did not like that Banks kept talking about the embarrassing moment.

    Suni, I got to ask you,” Banks said. “I know you’ve been struggling all day and, like, dude is like, you’re throwing up. This is live TV and you ran off!”

    Lee ended up advancing to next week, so her efforts were not in vain. She also was proud of herself for coming back on stage after the embarrassing incident.

    “It’s very scary because it’s like, I’ve never done that before so I was kind of embarrassed and I knew that if I didn’t come out here I’d be very disappointed in myself,” Lee said.

    Dancing With the Stars airs weeknights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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