Chris Rock slams NBA star Kyrie Irving and the unvaccinated


    Chris Rock had a breakthrough case of COVID-19 in September. (Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

    Chris Rock had a breakthrough case of COVID-19 in September. (Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

    Chris Rock stands with the medical community in supporting as many people as possible rolling up their sleeves to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

    On Wednesday, he spoke out on the subject while at the mic, opening for the Strokes at the venue Brooklyn Steel. He also called out one unvaccinated person in particular: Kyrie Irving, a point guard for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, who has refused to comply with New York City’s vaccine mandate that professional athletes be vaccinated to practice or play in public venues.

    “Where’s my anti-vaxxers at? Where you at?” the former Saturday Night Live star said. “You f****** dumb Kyrie motherf******.”

    Rock, who has often been photographed at New York Knicks games, urged fans to get the jab (or jabs) in September. He explained that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, even though he had been vaccinated. “Trust me you don’t want this,” he said. “Get vaccinated.”

    But the comedian’s support of COVID-19 prevention dates back longer than that. Early on in the pandemic, he promoted testing, mask-wearing and social-distancing at the city’s daily briefings on the subject.

    In May 2021, Rock said in an interview on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that he had received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

    “You know, I skipped the line, too … I didn’t care,” he told Fallon. “I used my celebrity, Jimmy. I didn’t care. I was like, ‘Step aside, Betty White. Step aside, old people. Judge Judy, kiss my ass. I did Pootie Tang, let me in the front of the line.’ I was like Billy Zane on the Titanic, I tell you that. Leo [DiCaprio] died. Billy Zane lived to see another day. I don’t want to be Leo at the bottom of the ocean. Billy Zane got another woman after that thing.”


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