Chris Pratt is now also voicing Garfield in a new movie


    Chris Pratt is apparently trying to corner the market on surprising voice roles. After landing the part of Mario in Nintendo’s upcoming Super Mario Bros. film (and sparking a million Twitter jokes in the process), the Guardians of the Galaxy star is not content to rest. No, Pratt is now setting his eye on yet another animated pop-culture touchstone: everyone’s favorite lasagna-eating, Mondays-hating feline.

    Yes, that is correct: Pratt is voicing the comic cat Garfield in a new animated movie from Alcon Entertainment, which is being distributed by Sony. Finding Nemo writer David Reynolds is writing the script, with The Emperor’s New Groove director Mark Dindal on board to direct. 

    Chris Pratt, Garfield

    Chris Pratt, Garfield

    Rich Fury/WireImage; Sony

    This is not the first time that Jim Davis’ iconic syndicated cat has been adapted for the screen: Bill Murray previously voiced him in 2004’s Garfield and 2006’s Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. Unlike those films, the new Garfield movie will be entirely animated, and the rest of the cast has yet to be announced. (Charlie Day for Jon Arbuckle!?) 

    Pratt, of course, is no stranger to animated roles, having lent his voice to the LEGO Movie series and Onward. But his involvement in Garfield raises some questions: Will Pratt be adjusting his voice to differentiate between Mario and Garfield, or will they both now just sound like Andy Dwyer? Are there any similarities between the two roles? For example, does Mario also like lasagna, or am I making assumptions because he’s Italian? How does he feel about Mondays? 

    Also, is there any method to Pratt’s madness? Is he really trying to collect bizarre animated voice roles like some sort of voiceover Thanos? And if we are to continue with this analogy and accept Mario and Garfield as two of the six Infinity Stones, what are the other four? What’s next, Chris Pratt as the voice of Bugs Bunny? Fred Flinstone? The Geico Gecko??? When will it end???????

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