CDC requires every air passenger entering the US to provide a negative COVID-19 test

On Tuesday, the CDC announced that all the air passengers who are entering the US will require a COVID-19 test prior to boarding the flight. This new rule will come into effect starting 26 January.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause havoc in the nation, surpassing earlier unpredicted milestones every passing day. Thousands of new COVID-19 cases are recorded on a daily basis and the number of death cases is believed to go past 400,000 in the coming weeks.

In a statement, the CDC said that with the nation already in coronavirus surge status, this new testing initiative for all air passengers would aid in slowing down further spread of deadly virus as the vaccination process for the public continues.

The health regulatory body will need all the passengers to undergo a COVID-19 test within 3 days of departure. Written documents of the negative tests should be presented to the respective airline before they board their flight. The airlines will not allow the passengers to board the flight if they don’t comply with the guideline.

Moreover, the CDC suggests the passengers to get the test done 3-5 days post arrival as well as remain in home quarantine for the initial first week.

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