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Ted Cruz’s Trip to Cancún Draws Fire Amid Texas’ Deep Freeze

[ad_1] Like millions of his constituents across Texas, Senator Ted Cruz had a frigid

Cuomo at a Crossroads: What Comes Next?

[ad_1] It was the office of Letitia James, the state’s attorney general, whose politics

Native Americans ‘Left Out in the Cold’ Under Trump Press Biden for Action

[ad_1] In early February, Mr. Biden signed a major disaster declaration for the Navajo

For Black Aides on Capitol Hill, Jan. 6 Brought Particular Trauma

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — Jabir McKnight woke up on the morning of Jan. 6 with

Texas Grid Failure Stirs Feud Between Cities and State

[ad_1] AUSTIN, Texas — For the Republicans who have run Texas state government for

FEMA Sending Relief to Texas

[ad_1] new video loaded: FEMA Sending Relief to Texas transcript Back transcript FEMA Sending

Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio’s Provocateur, Dies at 70

[ad_1] But as the millennium turned, Mr. Limbaugh faced problems that threatened his empire.

Here’s the lawyer repping Bruce Springsteen in his DWI case

[ad_1] A rock star needs a rock-star lawyer. Bruce Springsteen is being represented in

CDC requires every air passenger entering the US to provide a negative COVID-19 test

On Tuesday, the CDC announced that all the air passengers who are entering the