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Boris Johnson Says Brazilian Coronavirus Variant Is Not a Threat

A concerning variant of the coronavirus first detected in Brazil

American Accused of Killing Italian Officer Says He Acted in Self-Defense

ROME — A 21-year-old San Francisco man on trial in the death of an

The E.U. will propose a vaccine passport system for Europe.

“In the future, it will certainly be good to have such a certificate, but

Fireball Meteor Dashes Across U.K. Sky

A compilation of videos captured a fireball meteor that flashed

Myanmar’s Military Deploys Digital Arsenal of Repression in Crackdown

The documents indicate that dual-use surveillance technology made by Israeli, American and European companies

Nigeria’s Boarding Schools Have Become a Hunting Ground for Kidnappers

It happened to Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the new director-general of the World Trade Organization. Her

Salvaged From 1941 Shipwreck, Letters Reveal Wartime Love and Sacrifice

In 2019, the Postal Museum, with the help of the BBC program “The One

After harsh criticism, Israel says it will vaccinate Palestinians who hold work permits.

JERUSALEM — The Israeli government approved a measure on Sunday to vaccinate tens of

‘Captain Tom,’ British Pandemic Hero, Is Honored at Funeral

new video loaded: ‘Captain Tom,’ British Pandemic Hero, Is Honored at Funeral transcript Back

‘Captain Tom’ Moore, Britain’s Pandemic Hero, Gets Funeral Worthy

Mr. Moore ultimately did 100 laps, raising £32.8 million, or $45 million, and skyrocketing