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55 firms paid no federal income tax last year, report finds

Dozens of America’s biggest companies paid no federal income taxes last year thanks to

Tesla more than doubles Q1 sales, delivers 185,000 vehicles

Tesla says it delivered nearly 185,000 electric vehicles in the first quarter despite a

Brussels Police Disperse April Fool’s Music Festival Crowd

The police used water cannons and pepper spray to disperse a crowd of hundreds

Alabama to Open Vaccination to People 16 and Older

“I ask, I plead with you, don’t give up the progress we have all

As U.S. Shots Near 3 Million Daily, Experts Warn of Complacency

As President Biden enters the homestretch of his first 100 days in office, the

Bangladesh and Parts of India Look to Lockdowns Amid Surges

Infections have also been rising sharply in Pakistan, which has struggled to source vaccines

Orgies, blackmail, extortion, Iran hostages: The crazy claims against Florida Rep

Rep. Mat Gaetz is in the middle of a heap of scandals, including being

BBC’s John Sudworth Leaves China, Citing Growing Risks

At times, the propaganda campaign zeroed in on Mr. Sudworth, a longtime BBC correspondent

Myanmar Soldiers, Aiming to Silence Protests, Target Journalists

“If you are arrested with video clips, you can go to prison,” said U

Japan Is Finding It Harder to Stay Quiet on China’s Abuse of Uyghurs

TOKYO — Last summer, Halmat Rozi, a Uyghur Muslim living in Japan, received a