Beats Fit Pro offer noise cancellation and the best AirPod features for $200


    Beats latest earbuds are official. After some early hints in iOS 15.1, the company has formally announced the Beats Fit Pro. This set of true wireless earbuds has a similar look to the Studio Buds that debuted earlier this year with an added fit wing, or “wingtip” as the company calls it. Combined with an IPX4 rating, the $200 Fit Pro are well-suited for workouts but are also packed with the best features from Apple’s new AirPods for all-day use. 

    Thanks to Apple’s H1 chip, the Beats Fit Pro offers hands-free access to Siri, one-touch pairing, the latest Find My features in iOS, automatic device switching and audio sharing. Apple’s fancy new skin detection sensor that improves the accuracy of automatic pausing is also on board. Beats says H1 also powers the ear tip fit test that’s built into the earbuds’ settings through iOS. The Beats Fit Pro also have Adaptive EQ like the latest AirPods, a feature that continuously scans and adjusts low- and mid-range frequencies using computational audio and in-ward facing mics. Spatial audio and dynamic head tracking, also key elements of Apple’s new earbuds, are available on the Beats Fit Pro as well. This gives you the option of Dolby Atmos in both Apple Music or while you’re watching movies and shows. 

    Beats Fit Pro


    The Beats Fit Pro go beyond the new AirPods with active noise cancellation (ANC). The company says its ANC setup “continuously adapts in real time,” scanning and adjusting up to 200 times per second to counter any changes “in fit and movement.” There’s also a transparency mode that allows you to hear what’s going on around you when needed. With both ANC and transparency turned off, Adaptive EQ takes over to keep things sounding as good as possible. 

    Beats says new custom transducer and vent system have helped improve overall audio quality. There’s also a new acoustic design that delivers what the company describes as “impressive dynamic range and clarity across the frequency curve.” On the outside, on-board controls give you the ability to play music and take calls without reaching for your phone. Beats gives you the option to customize the long press action for on-board volume control if you’d prefer that to easy access to noise control (ANC, transparency and off). During calls, the company says beamforming microphones focus on your voice while internal mics and an accelerometer work to filter out environmental noise. Spatial audio in Group FaceTime won’t be available on the Beats Fit Pro at launch, but the feature will come in a future update. 

    Beats Fit Pro


    Beats is promising up to six hours of listening time with ANC or transparency mode active, plus another 21 hours in the charging case. When you turn those off and use the Fit Pro in Adaptive EQ mode you can expect up to seven hours on the buds with 27 more in the case. The case doesn’t support wireless charging but it does offer a Fast Fuel feature that gives you an hour of play time in five minutes. While everything iOS users need for the Beats Fit Pro is built into that software, Android users will need to download the Beats app. The app offers one-touch pairing, the fit test, the ability to change listening modes and customization of the long press action. 

    The Beats Fit Pro are available for pre-order today for $200 from Apple’s website and other retailers in the US. Color options include black, white, grey and purple. The earbuds will begin shipping on November 5th with availability in China in early December. Beats says the Fit Pro will be available “in additional regions” next year. New subscribers also get six months of Apple Music with the purchase of Beats Fit Pro.

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