Apple testing the vapour chamber thermal technology for the next-generation iPhone, says Kuo

On Friday, noted analyst at TF International Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo said that the recent industry surveys hint that Apple is testing its vapour chamber thermal technology aggressively for using in iPhone, indicating that the system will be present in upcoming flagship device in the coming days.

Kuo believes that the iPhone maker is very likely to include the vapour chamber system in an iPhone model soon, though it’s not know if the tech will be ready for a 2021 launch.

In simple words, the VC (vapour chamber) technology includes evaporation of one liquid (generally water) inside a specially developed heat retention structure or heat pipe that passes through the device chassis. The heat processors as well as other heat-load components cause the evaporation of the liquid that forms vapour and spreads the thermal energy throughout the inner evaporation chamber while it moves to regions that have lower pressure. The heat from the vapour is eliminated by the fins or the other condenser bodies, which transforms into liquid again and goes back to the regions with high pressure via capillary action.

Reportedly, Apple has been working very hard on the VC systems since some time; however the early solutions haven’t met the high standards of the company.

Kuo believes that the iPhone will require VC systems for supporting 5G and the increasing CPU thermal load.